Return to work PPE solutions from Arrow.

Government plans to get employees back to work have identified a fast growing need for protective solutions to keep the workforce safe in shared environments.


Our response.

Arrow Group has recognised this need and is taking into stock a range of protective and sanitising products for you to meet your customers' needs.

There are links below for you to download new catalogues on these products and we have versions ready with pricing for you to start sending to your customers immediately - contact our Sales Team for details.

  • Personal Sanitising Kits
  • Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
  • Sanitiser Dispensers
  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Type IIR Face Masks
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves

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Our new PPE products.



Antibacterial cleansing wipes

Heavy-duty, these are made from low-lint, micro-fibre fabric and are able to trap dirt and kill germs. The unique fast acting and effective formula leaves every surface safe and grime-free.


Drivers Sanitising Kit

This kit provides all you need to keep your driving environment safe and hygienic. The sanitising solution is safe for use on all surfaces including steering wheels, PDAs, door handles, etc. Replace gloves at each delivery to ensure the safety of your customers.


Protective Type IIR Face Masks

Our surgical Type IIR face masks are used to contain infected droplets and also contribute to protecting the user from airborne droplets and splashes. Masks are pleat style with ear loops. The Type IIR mask is a 3-ply mask for use in medical and non-medical environments. This mask is for single use purposes only and is disposable.


Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Soft, durable and latex-free, nitrile gloves are ideal for people with potential latex reactions. Our gloves are made from high-quality nitrile polymer, providing optimum protection and comfort.


Hand Cleansing Alcohol Gel

Clean, care and protect your hands with our sanitising hand gel, with effective alcohol formulation. Alcohol destroys disease-causing agents and pathogens by breaking apart proteins, splitting cells into pieces and disarranging the cell’s metabolism. The NHS, Public Health England and World Health Organisation advise that hand sanitiser needs at least 60% alcohol content to be effective. Our hand sanitiser gels are all 66% alcohol formulation or above.


Bulk/Refil Hand Cleansing Alcohol Gel

This superior and consistent recipe incorporates certified alcohol content, a premium gelling agent, skin conditioner, bacteria free re-engineered water technology and a pH balancer. When applied, this eliminates bacteria and viruses and leaves skin soft and without cracks.


Wall Mounted Dispensers

For use with perfumed/unperfumed hand lotion soap; antibacterial soap; before and after work creams, sun creams; alcohol sanitizers or gels (up to 70% alcohol content); grit or beaded soaps.


Hands Free Pedal-Activated Dispenser

This unique dispenser design allows application of hand sanitiser without the risk of cross contamination through direct contact with hands. The stainless steel pillar is completely freestanding and can be easily installed anywhere - indoors or outdoors beside a building entrance. The base has been designed to be secured to the ground if required to avoid vandalism, plus the smart dispenser design makes refilling easy but keeps the sanitiser from being tampered with.


We also offer return to work protection solutions.

Ask us for our separate catalogue covering our range of workplace protection solutions including easy-clean vinyl fabric and plastic task and operator chairs, clear acrylic desktop protection screens and freestanding acrylic screens.

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