Hyphen at Clerkenwell – #WhatsTrending?

One key trend we noticed from our visit to Clerkenwell Design Week in May is the sheer variety of booths being incorporated into the latest office designs.

Breakout space is becoming a key area for the modern office, especially with so many workspaces taking on a more open plan layout.

It’s therefore becoming essential to create a space within a space, something for the impromptu meeting or that private phone call with a customer where the user(s) can break away from their desk space to complete the task at hand with more privacy.

There are many options available, but we are finding booths to be the preferred option due to their compact size and acoustic properties.

Here’s the Arcipelago Wood booth we offer at Hyphen.

Booths are fast becoming the preferred break-out space option in the modern office environment.

Combining high panels that serve as barriers from background noise with comfortable seating creates a laid-back and private environment for the user.

We love it that much we even made a short video to help you visualise how this could fit into your next office fit out project!

Take a look here, or drop us a line on 0114 232 7402 or sales@hyphensales.co.uk for more info!

Arcipelago Wood Lounge Seating from Hyphen Office Furniture

It’s simple to be ACTIVE at work with the Sit-Stand desking range from Hyphen Office Furniture!

The Active range is a height adjustable desking system that stands for two key characteristics: functionality and quality.

A two or three level column with a wider segment at the bottom allows for a smooth height transition, leaving the user in complete control to set the most comfortable height.

An aesthetic column design with a glide system helps prevent the desk columns from possible paint scratches, with a built in anti-collision solution to limit material damage in case the desk collides with a solid object.

Promoting a more dynamic working style, sit-stand desking allows the individual to focus on the task at hand.

In addition to health benefits, our sit-stand desks have other advantages; the motor operates very silently and consumes little power, with a choice of feet and extra panels for better sound absoprtion. 

Watch our latest video to see the ACTIVE sit-stand range in all it’s glory!

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