From warehouse to installation!

Whilst many office workers only see the finished workspace, it’s important to highlight the journey that has taken place to get from concept to reality.

Hyphen play a key part in this process, and here we take a look at some of the hard work our logistics and installation teams do to make sure the workspace is ready for the most important asset – it’s people!

Our warehouse is always fully stocked with office furniture, many products in flat-pack form as you can see here. Our teams work tirelessly to plan our logistics in the most efficient way possible, undertake the manual tasks of loading and unloading, and can even help with the installation process at the end user!

It’s great to see the stages of the journey Hyphen are part of, and how stacks of furniture in our warehouse can turn into a bright and fully functioning office environment!

If you need office furniture supply for your next office fit-out project then drop us a line – and don’t forget we can assist with the installation as well!

Hyphen at Clerkenwell – #WhatsTrending?

One key trend we noticed from our visit to Clerkenwell Design Week in May is the sheer variety of booths being incorporated into the latest office designs.

Breakout space is becoming a key area for the modern office, especially with so many workspaces taking on a more open plan layout.

It’s therefore becoming essential to create a space within a space, something for the impromptu meeting or that private phone call with a customer where the user(s) can break away from their desk space to complete the task at hand with more privacy.

There are many options available, but we are finding booths to be the preferred option due to their compact size and acoustic properties.

Here’s the Arcipelago Wood booth we offer at Hyphen.

Booths are fast becoming the preferred break-out space option in the modern office environment.

Combining high panels that serve as barriers from background noise with comfortable seating creates a laid-back and private environment for the user.

We love it that much we even made a short video to help you visualise how this could fit into your next office fit out project!

Take a look here, or drop us a line on 0114 232 7402 or for more info!

Arcipelago Wood Lounge Seating from Hyphen Office Furniture

Brexit and the office furniture supply chain – what you need to know!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you will be aware that aside from any last minute glitches, Great Britain will be leaving the EU in the much talked about Brexit on 29th March 2019.

Regardless of political stance and the ‘will we, won’t we’ confusion our Prime Minister and politicians across all parties are debating, we can’t simply brush this under the office flooring and pretend it’s not happening.

Unsurprisingly, this is causing concern amongst the business community, and with the possibility of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ on the table there is confusion aplenty around imports and exports.

As many of our customers know, a lot of our office furniture products are manufactured and transported over from the Narbutas factory in Lithuania, therefore it is possible that there could be issues surrounding offering a seamless supply in the short term.

With this in mind, we would like to reassure our customers that it is very much ‘business as usual’ at Hyphen, and that we have increased our stock levels during this period of uncertainty to ensure our customers still have access to the vast range of office furniture products we supply. Our service to you during this period will therefore remain unaffected.

What can you do to prepare for Brexit?

Plan ahead! If you have any office fit-out projects on the horizon that are likely to need shorter lead times for furniture supply then now is the time to start getting your delivery schedules in place. We would advise our customers to ensure they plan at least 8 weeks in advance of ‘B-day’ from the 29th March.

How can Hyphen help?

As mentioned above, we are purposely increasing our stock levels to make sure our supply can meet the demand of our customers during the early post-Brexit period, so you can contact us any time to discuss your project requirements and expected lead times over the next few months.

You can check out our updated Stock Guide here

For non-stock items we will still be working to our usual 4-week schedule, and our existing deliveries from Europe remain as planned.

Check out our new Spec Guide for complete range of office furniture products

We are naturally positively minded at Hyphen, and whilst there may be uncertainty on the horizon we would like to reassure all our customers that we are ready for Brexit and prepared for whatever the outcome may be!

If, like us, you are also planning ahead then please drop us a line to see how we can assist and become an integral part of your supply chain over the next few months.

Our office furniture specialists are on-hand to field any of your enquiries on 0114 232 7402 and

Narbutas products from Hyphen Office Furniture

We often get asked what our relationship with Narbutas is at Hyphen, so to avoid any doubt we thought this would be the perfect subject for our latest blog!

Hyphen is one of the largest UK distributors, and the main one in the north of England, for the Narbutas office furniture product range. This relationship, amongst many more we have with other manufacturers, ensures we stay at the fore front of office design trends, enabling our customers to access top quality office furniture on short lead times.

Narbutas is a Lithuanian manufacturer of modern, durable and functional office furniture. Their product development and innovation teams are market leaders when it comes to high quality design solutions, that are functional and easily adapted to various different office spaces.

This outlook fits perfectly with the Hyphen brand, which is why the relationship we have with Narbutas works so well. We live and breathe office furniture and position ourselves as a solution provider as opposed to merely a product supplier, so our knowledge of how office furniture fits into a wider office fit-out project is second to none.

What lead times should you expect?

Considering the distance, not as long as you might expect! We stock many Narbutas product lines in our warehouse in Sheffield that can be delivered nationwide within 7 working days. We have our own transportation and installation team, so we can start working on your order as soon as it is placed to meet your tighter deadlines.

For non-stock items, we work to a 4-week delivery schedule. Typically the products will be in production for three weeks, then once they have been quality checked they go on to one of our monthly trailers, delivered into Sheffield by road transport before the Hyphen team offloads, further quality checks and then delivery into our customers.

Because we have regular deliveries into our warehouse from Narbutas this means our customers are never usually waiting longer than a month for their products, which allows them to accurately plan this into their office fit-out project timescales.

Which Narbutas lines do Hyphen supply?

Pretty much everything! We work with Narbutas to advise them what we know our customers want, which helps their new product development.

We can even work with Narbutas for bespoke requirements – as long as our customers have a full spec of what they require we can arrange for special products to be made to order.

To give you an idea of the wide range that is available, check out our new Product & Specification Guide for 2019 – many of the product lines in here are manufactured by Narbutas.

Click here to download it, or drop us a line if you would prefer a hard copy.

If you have a requirement for a reliable and efficient service for any Narbutas product lines please contact us on 0114 232 7402 or and one of our expert team will be glad to help!

Price & Specification Guide 2019

The new Hyphen Office Furniture Price & Specification Guide for 2019 is out now!

You can download it here.

Our new ‘RRP’ Price & Specification Guide showcases the complete range of office furniture products we can supply at Hyphen, from desking, tables, office storage and executive furniture, right through to reception furniture, screens, seating and other office accessories.

As a project focused company, Hyphen can become your single source supplier for office furniture, ensuring you can get everything you need for your next office fit out project from one reliable, quality and cost effective supplier.

Our new guide shows the RRP prices which our customers can now work to throughout 2019.

Drop us a line today on 0114 232 7402 / to see how Hyphen can become an integral part of your supply chain!

2018 – A year in Hyphen!

As another year draws to a close, it gives us time to reflect on what has been one of the most successful and eventful years for Hyphen Office Furniture.

2018 has been the year of the ‘team’ in Hyphen. Whilst we have experienced growth in recent years, this time it feels different as we have done this together. Our recent growth has allowed us to take some forward steps for the business, and we feel we can look back at 2018 with a lot of pride and a great feeling of achievement.

So what makes this year different?

On the face of it our mission remains consistent – to become the go-to partner for commercial interiors dealers for the supply of quality, contemporary office furniture – but behind the scenes there has been a lot of progress.

We are now a team of 6, doubling our internal workforce since this time last year with the addition of new faces in operations, logistics and installation (check out our team page to put faces to names!). Our new recruits are there to ensure our customer service levels are consistently high, and that our customers can get answers to any of their questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Due to our team expansion, this also led to us out growing our office space, resulting in a new purpose built office situated in the heart of our warehouse space. We’re very proud of it – check out our new office video here!

So what else is new?

Well, we have introduced many new product lines in 2018, such as the Nova Wood range and Arcipelago soft seating (we made a video on this), as well as showcasing many of our project based office furniture solutions. This all links to our mission, and one of our main company objectives of becoming an integral part of our customers’ supply chains.

We’re also proud to have hit our sales targets for the year (we smashed it actually) and we’re looking forward to celebrating this as a team (it is the year of the ‘team’ after all) before we wind down for the festive period, ready to hit the target trail again in 2019.

All that is left now is to wish all our fantastic customers, suppliers and contacts a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – we couldn’t have done this without you!

They Hyphen office will be closed from 3pm on Friday 21st December 2018, re-opening at 8am on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

We look forward to seeing you again then!

Product Focus – Nova Desking

Our latest product focus is on our Nova range of bench desking.

With workplace practices evolving day in day out, our Nova desking range provides a flexible, easy going solution to your workstation platform requirements.

At Hyphen we supply a complete range of Nova bench desking, including O, A, U, UH frame, plus the new Nova Wood style.

Here we look at each product in a bit more detail.

Nova O

Helping to create a unified and convenient office space, the NOVA O desking range comes in scallop and cut out options for easy cable management.






Check out the full Nova O range here.

Nova A

This light, graceful and modern office desking system is ideal for teams that want to personalise their workspace with characteristic, innovative and functional design.






Check out the full Nova A range here.

Nova U

This universal desk offers the perfect combination of classic and modern; with modern minimalism, functionality and laconic lines.







Check out the full Nova U range here.

Nova UH

Adjustable height options offering simple, manual flexibility for individual preferences.







Check out the full Nova U range here.

Nova Wood

A high quality desking system with unique sold ash wood legs, various types and textures for subtle combinations.







Check out the full Nova Wood range here.

The Nova desking range focuses on quality, durability and affordability – offering a flexible solution to any modern office environment.

Drop us a line on 0114 232 7402 or for more information.

Product Focus – Reception Furniture

Our latest product focus is on our reception furniture range.

Where first impressions are vital, our contemporary range of reception desks bring a modern, linear look and feel to front of house areas.

Reception furniture

Our reception desk solutions come in high quality impact resistant materials, including aluminium kick-plates, providing bold features to reception areas.

Flexible, modular systems are available in different shapes, functions, straight and curved, with several height combinations for different sized offices.

Our high quality, contemporary reception desks can be configured to maximise the space of front of house areas, giving visitors a great first impression of the business.

Check out some of our options here, or contact us on 0114 232 7402 / for more information.


Product focus – Sit-stand desking

This week’s product focus is on our range of sit-stand desking.

Our height adjustable sit-stand bench desking allows for increased health and wellbeing in the workplace, giving the user flexibility to switch between seated and standing working positions.

Sit-stand desking from Hyphen Office Furniture

Promoting a more dynamic working style, sit-stand desking allows the individual to focus on the task at hand.

In addition to health benefits, our sit-stand desks have other advantages; the motor operates very silently and consumes little power, with a choice of feet and extra panels for better sound absorption.

Check our new sit-stand desking page to see the full range of what we can supply, and drop us a line if this forms part of your next office fit-out project!

0114 232 7402

A new workspace of our own!

At Hyphen Office Furniture, our mission is to be the go to supplier for commercial interior dealers and office fit-out companies for the prompt supply of quality, contemporary office furniture. So when it came to building a new office space for ourselves we knew exactly what to do to make sure our workspace is modern, fresh and on brand!

Earlier in 2018 we embarked on a new build office to provide additional space for our growing team, and now we are all settled in we’d like to share it with you!

As Hyphen is growing as a business and taking on more employees, we had started to outgrow our original office space in a small corner of our warehouse in Sheffield. Whilst still needing ample warehouse space we decided to build a new office in the warehouse that still gives us all the access we need for deliveries and storage but more than quadruples our office space, kitchen facilities and breakout areas.

Feeling the need to lead by example, our new office space has become an extension to the Hyphen brand, focusing on quality office furniture products in a productive and culture-led environment.

A modern, accentuated colour scheme compliments our office furniture, and more natural light with the installation of new windows ensures the Hyphen office has a vibrant and focused working environment.

Marcus Bricknell, Sales Director at Hyphen comments: “A new office space was essential for Hyphen to allow us to continue with our growth plans. With the business hitting the £1m turnover mark for the first time in 2017 and further growth looking promising we are in a fantastic position to carry on moving forward.

“Our new office space is adaptable to further growth, and can be split into different areas for leisure and meetings, as well as work stations. With the nature of our business it is also important that we are thought leaders so the new space has allowed us to actively use some of the new office furniture product lines that we sell. Customers can now visit Hyphen and see the products in a real office environment for themselves!”

Like what you see? Why not pay us a visit and see for yourselves!

Drop us a line on 0114 232 7402 or email to see how we can help you with your next office fit-out project!