Create a space for concentration and privacy with the new Arcipelago Wood Lounge Seating range!

Arcipelago Wood creates a workplace protected from the surrounding space, where you can have meetings and work away from the noise around you.

This office lounge seating range allows you to create “a room within a room” in open-plan offices, acting as a shield from a surrounding noisy environment.

High panels serve as barriers from background noise while comfortable seating creates a laid-back and private environment.

The seating unit can accommodate a monitor screen for meeting presentations, with the table equipped with a power socket with integrated USB connectors.

Aesthetic design, smooth shapes and natural elements bring a sense of warmth to the office, and the use of natural elements and specific colours has a positive effect on the productivity and mood of employees.

The wide colour palette allows you to the choose colours that best suit your office.

Watch our Arcipelago Wood video here!

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