From warehouse to installation!

Whilst many office workers only see the finished workspace, it’s important to highlight the journey that has taken place to get from concept to reality.

Hyphen play a key part in this process, and here we take a look at some of the hard work our logistics and installation teams do to make sure the workspace is ready for the most important asset – it’s people!

Our warehouse is always fully stocked with office furniture, many products in flat-pack form as you can see here. Our teams work tirelessly to plan our logistics in the most efficient way possible, undertake the manual tasks of loading and unloading, and can even help with the installation process at the end user!

It’s great to see the stages of the journey Hyphen are part of, and how stacks of furniture in our warehouse can turn into a bright and fully functioning office environment!

If you need office furniture supply for your next office fit-out project then drop us a line – and don’t forget we can assist with the installation as well!