It’s simple to be ACTIVE at work with the Sit-Stand desking range from Hyphen Office Furniture!

The Active range is a height adjustable desking system that stands for two key characteristics: functionality and quality.

A two or three level column with a wider segment at the bottom allows for a smooth height transition, leaving the user in complete control to set the most comfortable height.

An aesthetic column design with a glide system helps prevent the desk columns from possible paint scratches, with a built in anti-collision solution to limit material damage in case the desk collides with a solid object.

Promoting a more dynamic working style, sit-stand desking allows the individual to focus on the task at hand.

In addition to health benefits, our sit-stand desks have other advantages; the motor operates very silently and consumes little power, with a choice of feet and extra panels for better sound absoprtion. 

Watch our latest video to see the ACTIVE sit-stand range in all it’s glory!

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