Product Focus – Nova Desking

Our latest product focus is on our Nova range of bench desking.

With workplace practices evolving day in day out, our Nova desking range provides a flexible, easy going solution to your workstation platform requirements.

At Hyphen we supply a complete range of Nova bench desking, including O, A, U, UH frame, plus the new Nova Wood style.

Here we look at each product in a bit more detail.

Nova O

Helping to create a unified and convenient office space, the NOVA O desking range comes in scallop and cut out options for easy cable management.






Check out the full Nova O range here.

Nova A

This light, graceful and modern office desking system is ideal for teams that want to personalise their workspace with characteristic, innovative and functional design.






Check out the full Nova A range here.

Nova U

This universal desk offers the perfect combination of classic and modern; with modern minimalism, functionality and laconic lines.







Check out the full Nova U range here.

Nova UH

Adjustable height options offering simple, manual flexibility for individual preferences.







Check out the full Nova U range here.

Nova Wood

A high quality desking system with unique sold ash wood legs, various types and textures for subtle combinations.







Check out the full Nova Wood range here.

The Nova desking range focuses on quality, durability and affordability – offering a flexible solution to any modern office environment.

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