It’s simple to be ACTIVE at work with the Sit-Stand desking range from Hyphen Office Furniture!

The Active range is a height adjustable desking system that stands for two key characteristics: functionality and quality.

A two or three level column with a wider segment at the bottom allows for a smooth height transition, leaving the user in complete control to set the most comfortable height.

An aesthetic column design with a glide system helps prevent the desk columns from possible paint scratches, with a built in anti-collision solution to limit material damage in case the desk collides with a solid object.

Promoting a more dynamic working style, sit-stand desking allows the individual to focus on the task at hand.

In addition to health benefits, our sit-stand desks have other advantages; the motor operates very silently and consumes little power, with a choice of feet and extra panels for better sound absoprtion. 

Watch our latest video to see the ACTIVE sit-stand range in all it’s glory!

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Combine different locker cabinets to create the most suitable combination for your space

Choice storage is a range of modular locker cabinets that offer a versatile solution to secure personal and office items.

Choice can be personalised by adding top panels to complete the combination and create a harmonious overall appearance. Combining lockers with two different door types – a standard or a cut-out for mail & air circulation, also helps create a unique setting.

Colourful combinations can be created to match the door colours with the locker body.

A variety of sizes and box types fulfil different needs – from storing small personal items and work tools to large items.

Customise your locker with additional items, such as shelves and coat hooks and choose from different types of locks: from a standard lock, a combination lock, or an electronic lock (opened by a code or a card).   

Lockers with electronic locks can be assigned for personal use or be used by different users for temporary needs. 

Assigned lockers give mobile workers private space to store their belongings if they do not have a permanent workspace and move around the office.

Watch our latest video on the Choice Locker storage range here!

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Create a space for concentration and privacy with the new Arcipelago Wood Lounge Seating range!

Arcipelago Wood creates a workplace protected from the surrounding space, where you can have meetings and work away from the noise around you.

This office lounge seating range allows you to create “a room within a room” in open-plan offices, acting as a shield from a surrounding noisy environment.

High panels serve as barriers from background noise while comfortable seating creates a laid-back and private environment.

The seating unit can accommodate a monitor screen for meeting presentations, with the table equipped with a power socket with integrated USB connectors.

Aesthetic design, smooth shapes and natural elements bring a sense of warmth to the office, and the use of natural elements and specific colours has a positive effect on the productivity and mood of employees.

The wide colour palette allows you to the choose colours that best suit your office.

Watch our Arcipelago Wood video here!

Inspired by the new Arcipelago Wood lounge seating range?

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Brexit and the office furniture supply chain – what you need to know!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you will be aware that aside from any last minute glitches, Great Britain will be leaving the EU in the much talked about Brexit on 29th March 2019.

Regardless of political stance and the ‘will we, won’t we’ confusion our Prime Minister and politicians across all parties are debating, we can’t simply brush this under the office flooring and pretend it’s not happening.

Unsurprisingly, this is causing concern amongst the business community, and with the possibility of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ on the table there is confusion aplenty around imports and exports.

As many of our customers know, a lot of our office furniture products are manufactured and transported over from the Narbutas factory in Lithuania, therefore it is possible that there could be issues surrounding offering a seamless supply in the short term.

With this in mind, we would like to reassure our customers that it is very much ‘business as usual’ at Hyphen, and that we have increased our stock levels during this period of uncertainty to ensure our customers still have access to the vast range of office furniture products we supply. Our service to you during this period will therefore remain unaffected.

What can you do to prepare for Brexit?

Plan ahead! If you have any office fit-out projects on the horizon that are likely to need shorter lead times for furniture supply then now is the time to start getting your delivery schedules in place. We would advise our customers to ensure they plan at least 8 weeks in advance of ‘B-day’ from the 29th March.

How can Hyphen help?

As mentioned above, we are purposely increasing our stock levels to make sure our supply can meet the demand of our customers during the early post-Brexit period, so you can contact us any time to discuss your project requirements and expected lead times over the next few months.

You can check out our updated Stock Guide here

For non-stock items we will still be working to our usual 4-week schedule, and our existing deliveries from Europe remain as planned.

Check out our new Spec Guide for complete range of office furniture products

We are naturally positively minded at Hyphen, and whilst there may be uncertainty on the horizon we would like to reassure all our customers that we are ready for Brexit and prepared for whatever the outcome may be!

If, like us, you are also planning ahead then please drop us a line to see how we can assist and become an integral part of your supply chain over the next few months.

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Narbutas products from Hyphen Office Furniture

We often get asked what our relationship with Narbutas is at Hyphen, so to avoid any doubt we thought this would be the perfect subject for our latest blog!

Hyphen is one of the largest UK distributors, and the main one in the north of England, for the Narbutas office furniture product range. This relationship, amongst many more we have with other manufacturers, ensures we stay at the fore front of office design trends, enabling our customers to access top quality office furniture on short lead times.

Narbutas is a Lithuanian manufacturer of modern, durable and functional office furniture. Their product development and innovation teams are market leaders when it comes to high quality design solutions, that are functional and easily adapted to various different office spaces.

This outlook fits perfectly with the Hyphen brand, which is why the relationship we have with Narbutas works so well. We live and breathe office furniture and position ourselves as a solution provider as opposed to merely a product supplier, so our knowledge of how office furniture fits into a wider office fit-out project is second to none.

What lead times should you expect?

Considering the distance, not as long as you might expect! We stock many Narbutas product lines in our warehouse in Sheffield that can be delivered nationwide within 7 working days. We have our own transportation and installation team, so we can start working on your order as soon as it is placed to meet your tighter deadlines.

For non-stock items, we work to a 4-week delivery schedule. Typically the products will be in production for three weeks, then once they have been quality checked they go on to one of our monthly trailers, delivered into Sheffield by road transport before the Hyphen team offloads, further quality checks and then delivery into our customers.

Because we have regular deliveries into our warehouse from Narbutas this means our customers are never usually waiting longer than a month for their products, which allows them to accurately plan this into their office fit-out project timescales.

Which Narbutas lines do Hyphen supply?

Pretty much everything! We work with Narbutas to advise them what we know our customers want, which helps their new product development.

We can even work with Narbutas for bespoke requirements – as long as our customers have a full spec of what they require we can arrange for special products to be made to order.

To give you an idea of the wide range that is available, check out our new Product & Specification Guide for 2019 – many of the product lines in here are manufactured by Narbutas.

Click here to download it, or drop us a line if you would prefer a hard copy.

If you have a requirement for a reliable and efficient service for any Narbutas product lines please contact us on 0114 232 7402 or and one of our expert team will be glad to help!