Combine different locker cabinets to create the most suitable combination for your space

Choice storage is a range of modular locker cabinets that offer a versatile solution to secure personal and office items.

Choice can be personalised by adding top panels to complete the combination and create a harmonious overall appearance. Combining lockers with two different door types – a standard or a cut-out for mail & air circulation, also helps create a unique setting.

Colourful combinations can be created to match the door colours with the locker body.

A variety of sizes and box types fulfil different needs – from storing small personal items and work tools to large items.

Customise your locker with additional items, such as shelves and coat hooks and choose from different types of locks: from a standard lock, a combination lock, or an electronic lock (opened by a code or a card).   

Lockers with electronic locks can be assigned for personal use or be used by different users for temporary needs. 

Assigned lockers give mobile workers private space to store their belongings if they do not have a permanent workspace and move around the office.

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How to – Hinged Door Storage Cupboard

In our latest ‘How to’ video we look at the assembly of a hinged door storage cupboard.

Our step by step video will guide you through the construction and installation process, enabling our office fit-out customers to successfully install the product with their end user.

Follow our video guide to ensure a fast and accurate installation of our hinged door storage cupboard, providing your customer with the additional storage space they require for their busy office!

Watch our ‘How to’ video for the assembly of a hinged door storage cupboard here

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